Greetings from Divine Offspring Mercy Ministries Uganda.

Divine Offspring Mercy Ministries Uganda is a Faith-Based Foundation to support the poor, and foster community sustainable development and advance the Gospel of God. Divine Offspring is fully Registered, with focus to the needs of the poor "Caring for the Least, the Last and the Lost" offering hope physically and spiritually. We exist to provide life essential services that restore dignity and hope to people in need” found in (Isaiah 60:1). A future with Divines, Making sustainable development a reality-through empowerment, promotion of Child Care, social-economic development, justice, Health care, Education, Agriculture and the relief of poverty by challenging and changing those practices that generate and sustain poverty among the OVCs, Youth, women and the community.  Our purpose is to foster community sustainable development among the poor.


We work primarily in Soroti District in Uganda, in order to build self-reliance, Education, Agriculture, Health and capacity Building. The Foundation provides a platform for the maximum expression of community useful creativity and the harness  potentials of Vulnerable  persons like HIV/AIDS victims , the poor, aged, persons with disability, lepers, destitute, , blind, deaf/dumb, women and children for the promotion of positive social change and transformation towards sustainable growth and authentic development.


The Programme

Divine Offspring Mercy Ministries Uganda is a Non-profit, established in 2012, fully registered with District Local Government for its full operation  in Soroti District, North Eastern Uganda. Dedicated to promote Mercy and justice, and all humanity.  The Foundation is "Caring for the Least, the Last and the Lost" by challenging and changing those practices that generate and sustain poverty among humanity. 

DOMMU is a non Profit organization that is formed to provide innovative and competent support to needy and aimed at stimulating sustainable development initiatives especially among the disadvantaged, as well as developing harmonious relations among people of different backgrounds and cultures.

DOMMU Community Service with a plan on how to assist the OVCs and Caregivers of the orphans and host activities in the Soroti District. Our target is to shape the children to be important members of the community and to assist the young people from landing into problems related to drugs and lack of education. This can be achieved if we can provide various forms of support to these orphans and their Caregivers.

OUR MISSION: To provide an Environment where OVCs, the sick, Elderly and community are able to Heal and Grow physically and spiritually through Caring relationships and Unconditional Love and Acceptance.



To promote total development of Vulnerable persons like the:- sick, poor, aged, persons with disability, HIV/AIDS victims through love, care and Compassion with nutrition and healthy social interaction, educate and Spiritually connect them with all humanity for Equal justice.


Our Core Values

DOMMU operations are guided by the following values:

  • Focus on the needy(OVCs)
  • Be gender responsive
  • Enhance utilization of local resources
  • Strengthen existing structures and systems
  • Encourage environmental soundness
  • Promote people-centered development

Our Objectives

Specific objectives following are to:

  • Support community development initiatives, by reaching the needy with innovative and appropriate high quality services.
  • Provide opportunities for individual self-development.




  1. EVANGELISM:  At Divine Offspring Mercy Ministries Uganda, our mission is to bring the Mercy of God to a hurting world and we invite you to be part of the ministry!  Giving Gods people an opportunity to steer their lives towards a more promising future by making them economically independent and spiritually empowered.


  1. EDUCATION: This includes promoting education for OVCs, Building self-reliance skills among the youth through Vocational Training.


  1. HEALTH: Under this key area, we care and support the children especially the OVCs and Elderly by providing Medicare services and referrals.


  1. FOOD and NUTRITION: We provide food and nutrition to OVCs and Elderly to boost up their nutrition and health status.


  1. WATER: this is not just water, We believe that the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is just health solutions, it’s a practice, We do more than build latrines for families–we equip them to build and maintain latrines themselves. At the same time, the volunteers and community members learn valuable leadership skills by charting lines through difficult challenges and achieving collective goals.

  2. We Honor our “CHILDREN WISH” especially OVCs under the age of 18,by closely monitoring them on the today bases, Fulfilling their interests, loving and caring for them and above all making them happy regardless of religion or tribe.

The Establishment of Child Care Development Centre will enable marginalized vulnerable children, especially orphans, rehabilitation of street kids, out of school youth, child mothers, disabled persons and general community to receive  Vocational  skills in arts & crafts, Tailoring and Sewing, Hairdressing, Baking and Catering, Liquid soap making, Bricklaying and Concrete Practices, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Welding and Metal Fabrication, Carpentry and Joinery, Computer Repair, in order to acquire the Entrepreneurship necessary skills and knowledge to integrate the textile industry.  Not only do they gain relevant and quality skills for the job market, but they also have a chance to learn about God’s purpose for their lives. 


There is great need to reach out to HIV/AIDS OVCs and young people Especially CHILD MOTHERS who dropped out of school for lack financial support to pay for school fees and uniforms. Now they in the villages and streets and cannot find employment. Most of them who are in the village are involved in subsistence farming which can hardly sustain their households and those ones in street are involved in dirty jobs like pick- pocketing, picking garbage’s  to earn a living. They would greatly benefit from practical Vocational training to maximize their produce, or gaining a skill that is in demand in order to compete successfully in the scarce job market, or gaining means to start a small business. Not only do they gain relevant and quality skills for the job market, but they also have a chance to learn about God’s purpose for their lives.

The primary goal of this Initiative is helping the poor in Teso Sub-region, giving them an opportunity to steer their lives towards a more promising future by making them economically independent and spiritually empowered.  Aiming to improve the quality of life for the OVCs and their households


  1. We acknowledge the natural and cultural diversity of our community and recognize that all families and civilizations can contribute to sustainable development by Engaging major groups and other stakeholders on Hands in Service Skills and Knowledge Development. We recognize that people are at the centre of sustainable development and in this regard we strive for a community that is just, equitable and inclusive, and we commit to work together to promote sustained and inclusive Family economic growth, social development and environmental protection and thereby to benefit all.

We have Two acres of land ready to be used for children Education and all humanity Structure development and we are looking for Support from developing partners, Volunteers Donors and Friends of Development like you to help us reach out to the vulnerable communities in Teso sub-region

The Project Centre site is located in Oderai village. We would like you to help us in one way or other the doors are open!