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Volunteer – Programme Overview

‘Volunteer Divine offers the opportunity to volunteer in Uganda, supporting the work of our Ministry in predominantly small, rural communities to help achieve the development ambitions of young people. You endeavor to make possible their aspirations through academic, vocational and holistic life skills education and providing these individuals with skills and confidence to set up and sustain their livelihoods and their family. Evidently they face enormous challenges, and it is through the support from our volunteers that we are able to overcome some of the difficulties. We hope that you volunteers get involved within the dynamic activity at Divine Home and neighboring villages, and be able to see the positive outcomes in the rural areas we target.

FAQ’s about our ‘Volunteer Divine offspring Mercy Network Family’ Programme

Can I really make a difference?

Yes! Your presence will have a direct impact, allowing for exchange of cultures and unique ways of life and providing you bring positive energy with you then you can help bring hope to the students and communities you interact with. The greatest difference made could be on your return, and how you chose to use the experience in the future to help Amigos.

Am I eligible to apply? Do I need any particular skills?

Providing you are 18 or have adult supervision and are physically fit, then you are welcomed onto the programme. We don’t require any specific skills but feel you will benefit more if you have a skill or knowledge to offer. If you are able to offer any particular skills, please inform us. It may be that we utilize your skills on site!

When does the programme run?

We hope to cater for individuals and groups, and so try to be flexible with our programme. It is sensible that we try to ‘group’ our individual applicants on to the same trip to keep costs to the minimum, therefore it is best to contact Phil to find out whether there is a programme running at a convenient time for yourself. Generally speaking, we can run the programme all year round and for duration of your choice.

Aside from the programme fee, what other costs do I need to consider?

Our programme cost does NOT include the following; 

-      Flights

-      Travel insurance

-      Medication and Vaccinations

-      Visas

-      Local transport

-      Personal spending

-      Optional ‘Rural Uganda’ trip (Safari, and three night stay in the north of Uganda)

What do I need to do to get prepared?

Once you have committed yourself to the programme we will send you our invitation letter, which includes all the information that you may need leading up to your departure and during your stay. We will always be contactable over the phone, so feel free to ask.

In terms of documents, you will need to arrange your flights, travel, medical and visa documents, any medicines and vaccinations. Your visa is easily obtained on arrival at Entebbe airport. We are able to advise you if you need any guidance, but unfortunately we cannot organize any of the above for you.

Where will I be living?

Whilst at Divine offspring Family Home you will be staying us or Guest Lodge which provides comfortable and clean, ensuite bedrooms. Off site we will arrange accommodation in the towns you visit. These will usually comprise of clean basic hotels or lodges.

What will my schedule be?

Volunteer schedules take on many forms! It entirely depends on the length of your stay and what you hope to achieve from the programme. An example itinerary is shown below. If however, you hope to utilize your skills on site then we will accommodate this in your schedule. Please only use this as a guide.

Example of a two week itinerary

  1. Day 1: Arrive in Entebbe. Take arranged transport to Divine offspring  Family Home
  2. Day 2 – 7: Spend time on Divine offspring Family Home. This will include a welcome celebration by our staff and students and each day will bring an opportunity for you to experience the classes that we offer to our students and time to interact with everyone on Divine offspring Family and the neighboring villages. You will be offered the chance to visit the capital, Kampala, for some sightseeing and shopping – which we encourage you to use public transport as it is a great experience!
  3. Day 8 – 11: You have the opportunity to travel north individually or with the group and meet our graduates, student’s families and sponsored children. You may also go to Murchison Game Park to experience a river safari and game drive. Overnight accommodation will be provided in Masindi and/or the national park.
  4. Day 12: Head back to Divine offspring Family Home and shopping in Kampala.

Is Uganda safe?

The majority of your stay will be in the safe confines of Divine offspring Family. On day trips or when you leave Divine offspring Family, we will only take you where we are confident that you will be reasonably safe. We will ensure that you always have a guide or team member with you and providing you follow some simple advice then risk is kept to a minimum.

Opportunistic crime such as burglaries, muggings and drive-by bag snatches do occur. Take extra security precautions when going out on foot after dark. Always be conscious of the risks of making you a target for muggers and pickpockets; for example by carrying large sums of cash in the streets or wearing expensive jewellery and watches.

In urban areas you should keep car doors locked and windows shut when driving. There have been a number of thefts of personal property from cars and taxis while stationary in traffic. Ensure that no valuables are left visible in vehicles, whether parked or while the vehicle is in use.

Will there be an opportunity to travel in the surrounding region?

You are free to travel before and after the official trip dates, just let us know your plans so that we can make arrangements. There are many exciting places to visit in Uganda, including Lake Victoria,  and many others, so it is worth doing your research before booking your flights.

To travel within the official programme dates depends on your length of stay and your objectives of the trip; our programme includes travel outside of Divine offspring Family but if you want to travel independently of the group and partake in outside activities then please inform us so that we can make arrangements for you.

Welcome home!

You are welcomed to come as you are. We don’t care if you are in a suit or a sack; we just want you to be with us in an environment where you can feel comfortable.

The body of believers are all real folks with real problems just like everyone else, and we come together to help and encourage one another – it’s part of what makes us a family.

Please stop by our visitor’s lounge; allow us to meet with you, answer any questions you may have, and welcome you, in person, to Sheffield Divine Life.

The best is yet to come and I am so very glad you are on the journey with us.



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