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Divine offspring Family Uganda is grateful for prayers and support from our friends all over the world. 

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As we look around the world today, we may ask ourselves if there has ever been a greater need for God's mercy.  Wars, violence, lies, manipulation, and out of control selfishness seem to dominate the world.
But, as always, God has a plan.  He is drenching the world in His mercy, if only we will turn to him.
At Divine Mercy Ministries, our mission is to bring the mercy of God to a hurting world and we invite you to be part of the ministry!  Here are just a couple of ways to do so in as little as 5 seconds!

  • 10 minutes - Learn to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and join us in praying it regularly. 
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  • 3 minutes - Visit our Facebook page, become a fan, and "like" and comment on posts.
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  • 5 seconds - Pray "Jesus, I trust in You!"

Using the internet to spread the Good News


Our request for your support/assistance:

All support is needed to enhance the self-development and employment opportunities for these young people in Teso region where half of the population is under the age of 15.


All donations will be used for the planed activities and facilities like: of Mercy Vocational School and Health Centre to support Vulnerable Children and women and other compassion Ministry opportunities and to coordinating care among various caregivers Construction of Vocational School to train DIVINE OFFSPRING MERCY OVCS as young technicians or artisans/craftsmen. The needed donation can be a “gift in kind” and we will specify and inform the donor how the donation will be and have been used.

2. Also, our Mercy Centre for OVCs shall need more volunteers who are skilled and experienced in the mentioned skills. The need voluntary trainers will have the opportunity to work closely with the older street children and youth, providing them with employable skills and preparing them for independent living after their staying and studying at the Centre.


We are actively engaged in policy analysis, lobbying and advocacy on education and children rights issues according to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).



8.1 Human Capacity


DIVINE OFFSPRING MERCY Centre has 5 Board members (2 women and 3 men) and 10 members who are volunteers.


8.2 Physical Capacity

Since its creation DIVINE OFFSPRING MERCY Centre has secured 2 acres of land located in Oderai Village 2km from Soroti town Soroti District.

DIVINE OFFSPRING MERCY Centre has its office at Teso private sector building Soroti town market street, Solot Avenue, Eastern Uganda. DIVINE OFFSPRING MERCY Centre has one computer set,



9.1 Membership

Membership to DIVINE OFFSPRING MERCY Centre is open to various community members including individual honorary members, staff and founder members. By January 2014, DIVINE OFFSPRING MERCY Centre had 15 members, with 80% women.


  1. Name: Mrs. Kadib Thakkah

Position: Director/Coordinator

Tel: +256 715143891

Email: [email protected]

  1. Name: Mr. Esimu Peter

Position: Secretary

Tel: +256 775651682


  1. Name: Miss. Roslyn Amuge

Position: Treasure & Nurse

Tel: +256 754176248

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